Best Baits To Use While Fishing

Going fishing is a great way to pass the time and to hunt.  Many people who fish will book fishing charters near me mobile.  These chargers will allow people who don’t want to invest in the price and upkeep of a boat to go out and fish at a reasonable price.

When fishing however many people will debate on what the best bait to use to catch the biggest fish.  Understanding that there is no best bait and it is all dependent on the fish and their personal desires, here is a list of the most common and most talked about baits.


A just is probably the most popular bait to use.  The jig is a weighted ball with feathers or hairs attached to the end of it.  This jug will go into the water and reflect lights and with its fluid movements appear to be an attractive piece of food.  However, when using a jig, you need to keep it moving and active.  Otherwise it will float to the bottom of the water and not attract anything.


Spoons get their name from spoons.  When fishermen were looking for something to use as bait they would take actual metal spoons and toss them into the water in the hopes to catch a fish.  The metal reflective material and the curved surface of the spoons worked great.  Now, the spoon lures are similar to the original spoons but are more intricate shaped metal pieces.

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Plastic bait

Plastic bait is also becoming popular for fishermen.  The bait is cheap and is made out of brightly colored pieces of plastic.  The plastics are also flexible enough to bend and twist in the water naturally when the current flows or when manipulated by the line. 

No matter what type of bait you chose it will come down to trial and error.  What worked today may not work tomorrow or ever again.  What was used today may be the only thing the fish in that area will relate to.  Keep practicing and never give up.