Golf vs. Miniature Golf

There are a lot of sports out there that don’t take a lot of effort in some ways but will drive you nuts in others.  The game of golf is one of those sports.  With the concept of golf being to hit a ball into a hole deciding to do it at golf clubs in Pensacola or at miniature golf clubs is the question at hand.

golf clubs in Pensacola

Golf clubs are huge areas that stretch on for miles.  They are made up of eighteen holes that the player needs to navigate.  In these courses you will have grassy areas, sand traps, water hazards, hills, divots and much more.  With each swing of the club the player moves closer to achieving their goal of putting the ball into the hole.  For traditional golf, years of practice are needed to become proficient and then really good.

The game of miniature golf is built on the same concept; however, the logistics and the gameplay are different.  First off, you are not on a massive course that stretches for miles.  You are on a smaller course made up of smaller manmade obstacles.  The green of the course is also artificial. 

The goal behind miniature golf is the same as it is for traditional golf.  You have to hit a ball through the course until you hit the ball into the hole.  In miniature golf, you have obstacles such as hills, rock walls, small ponds, bridges and other interesting distractions.  For the more creative miniature golf courses you will have a clown’s mouth that you can never get your ball into and so much more.

Depending on your skill level and your desire for the game golf and miniature golf offer their own set of challenges.  Taking the time to play and explore all of the different courses available in both versions of the game can lead to hours of fun and enjoyment.